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Software Capabilities

Our web-based construction management solution handles the entire project cycle from precise bidding to accurate job costing (and every step in between). By housing a complete set of functions in one user-friendly interface, data flows seamlessly from step to step, simplifying day-to-day operations and minimizing space for the many small - but potentially costly - details to slip through the cracks.


precise Bidding

Improve estimating accuracy and efficiency with templated bidding.


Mobile Time Clocking

Eliminate paper time cards and reduce time spent on inputting payroll.


Material Ordering

Save time and ensure pricing accuracy on supplier invoices.


Project Mangement

Improve communication and decrease data loss when all info is stored in one view. 


Men-needed scheduling

Easily map out and edit schedules for a more seamless workflow.



Job Costing

View job performance in real time with visual graphs comparing bid numbers vs. actuals.


Accounting Platform

Project data flows seamlessly into a user-friendly accounting module, so you only need one software program.


Document Storage

Save company and project documents in the platform for easy access.

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