We make money when you do! A.C.E. was created by a second generation subcontractor who understands the business. That's why we offer a pay-as-you-go pricing model with no per user fees. 

No Long Term Contracts

We don't need to stick you into a long term contract to keep you as a customer. We trust that the results you get from using our software will keep you around. Instead of locking you into an annual contract, we opt for a month-to-month pricing structure. 

no per user fees

Per user fees don't work for the construction industry. If you want a system to truly help your company, you need everyone to be involved - from the tradesman clocking in from the field to the office staff updating project information. Limiting use to office staff only would hinder the ability to provide relevant data driven insights to employees of all levels. Also, employee turnover is already a huge challenge for subcontractors, and compounding that challenge by charging you for tradesmen that constantly come and go isn't something we want to put our customers through. 

pay as you go

Construction is feast or famine! So being stuck with a flat monthly bill could be like pouring salt in a wound during a slow phase. Our pricing model is a variable cost that you can even account for during the bidding process. We charge you a one time fee for every unit you work on.

So what will it cost me?

Nothing at all, if you build it into your bids. In fact, you could make more money than you ever have. 


In order to ensure we get you started off on the right foot, we charge a one time startup fee based on the size of your company and number of jobs you have. Startup fees generally range between $2,000 - $10,000. This covers the cost of onboarding all of your information for you. 


Your monthly bill thereafter will vary depending on how many new units have been added to the system. Per unit fees are based on the number of tasks involved and are charged only once.

Contact us directly for a custom quote, or use the calculator below to generate a rough estimate. The calculator is currently only optimized for the new residential sector. 

Estimate Calculator

*This represents a rough estimate and should not be considered a guaranteed rate, customized quote, contract amount or similar. 

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