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KiwiTech Announces Strategic Partnership with A.C.E. Construction Software

Aimed at changing the construction industry for good

KiwiTech, LLC, a startup accelerator and technology services company, today announced a strategic partnership with Actual Cost Engineering (A.C.E.) Construction Software, a cloud-based construction management solution that aims to change the construction industry by allowing all users, from laborers to owners, to make informed, cost-efficient decisions.

"We are pleased to partner with A.C.E in their mission to eliminate waste in the construction space," said Rakesh Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO of KiwiTech. "We look forward to helping A.C.E. scale greater heights through our tech capabilities and startup ecosystem.”

A user-friendly platform accessible on any internet-connected device, A.C.E. eliminates many of the day-to-day organizational challenges faced by the construction industry and enables management to view and analyze all job costs in real-time. KiwiTech will assist A.C.E. in extending its functionality, including accounting and inventory features plus other developments.

“A.C.E. was developed with a firm understanding of how difficult it is to organize the many small – but potentially costly – details involved in construction,” said A.C.E. Founder and President, Brandon Wilson. “After extensive and successful pilot programs testing A.C.E. within our own companies, we knew we had an industry-changing product that needed to be shared with our peers. We couldn't be more excited about our recently-forged alliance with KiwiTech, which will allow us to access top-notch development resources and solve our production and scalability challenges.”

About A.C.E. Construction Software

Actual Cost Engineering (A.C.E.) Construction Software is a digital platform created by a second-generation subcontractor designed to modernize the construction industry. A.C.E.’s user-friendly, data-driven software eliminates many of construction’s day-to-day challenges by enabling companies to manage their businesses anytime and anywhere via internet-connected devices. Key features include template-based bidding, in-field time-clocking, automated material orders, project management, men-needed scheduling, and real-time job costing. By allowing users to know their costs, control their costs and lower their costs, A.C.E. has helped subcontractors increase net profitability by up to 10%. To learn more or schedule a demo, visit

About KiwiTech

Over the last decade, KiwiTech has led innovation across multiple verticals scaling businesses in the tech space. KiwiTech intimately understands the challenges faced by new founders, aspiring unicorns and established leaders and works closely with them to realize their passion and purpose. Through its extensive relationships and expertise, KiwiTech brings a perspective that helps strategically connect technology creators with technology consumers. KiwiTech is an ecosystem of proactive investors and advisors who are passionate about building technology, supporting entrepreneurship, and helping companies realize their maximum potential. KiwiTech is headquartered in Washington D.C. and has a presence in five countries. To learn more, visit

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